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The Total Quality Management Umbrella

TQM prevents failure and saves cost. TQM means service-user satisfaction.

TQM requires top management support.

TQM puts special impetus on training.

TQM brings quality into work processes.
TQM is continuous improvement.

Learn more about Total Quality Management and laboratory services.

TQM is empowerment and includes everybody.

Primary Health Care laboratory services in developing countries are frequently considered inadequate, unreliable and to lack qualified personnel.  

While deficiencies of primary health care laboratory services are frequently highlighted, remedies to “treat this disease” are hardly suggested and very limited financial resources are allocated for this sector.

A Total Quality Management strategy might prove useful for service improvements of public health care laboratories in developing countries.

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For more detailed information download a PDF Format document: 

"The role of Total Quality Management in raising the service quality of Public Health Laboratories in Developing Countries"

Our mission is to serve as a global resource and information exchange forum in support of laboratory services in resource-poor countries and thereby contribute to sustainable quality improvement in this field!


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