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Huge amounts of valuable resources are wasted daily, due to wrong selection, lack of repair facilities, or improper handling of laboratory equipment!

Learn more how to select laboratory equipment.

The microscope is the most expensive equipment for the majority of peripheral laboratories!

Medical supplies and equipment for primary health care: A practical resource for procurement and management, by Manjit Kuar and Sarah Hall, published by ECHO  
Equipment list for a Mother and Child Health Centre Laboratory

You can view a copy of the equipment list in PDF Format .

Equipment list for a Primary Health Care Centre Laboratory

You can view a copy of the equipment list in PDF Format .

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"Selection of Basic Laboratory Equipment for Laboratories with Limited Resources".

This book will help you make better choices when purchasing laboratory equipment next time.

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Equipment Maintenance

Well functioning equipment is essential for the smooth running of a laboratory. Staff must be familiar with basic maintenance procedures, such as, changing the bulb of a microscope, cleaning of a centrifuge or changing a fuse of a photometre.

In addition, regular preventive maintenance of laboratory equipment by a biomedical instrument technician is required to prolong the life of costly equipment.  Many countries have established biomedical equipment maintenance centres, but regular visits to PHC units are often poorly organised.

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Our mission is to serve as a global resource and information exchange forum in support of laboratory services in resource-poor countries and thereby contribute to sustainable quality improvement in this field!


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