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Welcome to the Public Health Care Laboratory!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve as a global resource and information exchange forum in support of laboratory services in resource-poor countries and thereby contribute to sustainable quality improvement in this field!

The Force Behind

The is the result of over 20 years of efforts and concern for the improvement of  laboratory services in developing countries.  It is hoped that this website will transform into a global forum of information exchange as well as a reliable resource centre for laboratory personnel, policy makers and those concerned with primary health care laboratory services in resource poor countries.

In December 1980, I took up my first assignment, heading the Laboratory of the National Leprosy Treatment and Training Centre in Wau, Agok in Southern Sudan.  Having started my professional career in Germany, I had to adopt and improvise, learn and understand,  be a friend and a teacher. 

Since then, I have had the opportunity to work in different corners of the globe.  From China to Jordan, Nepal to Congo, I have always tried to learn and understand more about the challenges faced daily by thousands of laboratory staff at peripheral laboratory units.  Often lacking the political force and financial resources, it has been a continuous challenge to draw attention to this critical but relatively neglected area of the health care system.  

But today, the Internet has brought new possibilities to share and exchange information never thought possible even 10 years ago.  I believe that these new technologies can soon bring learning resources to laboratory workers even to the most remote places.  High quality images of blood and stool parasites, written standard operating procedures for all basic laboratory tests, management training and much more can be shared at low cost.  The possibilities are vast.  We have to embrace them and commit ourselves to bring quality laboratory services to All.

Let us work together!

Gabriele Mallapaty

Medical Laboratory Technologist

MSc. Health Services Management

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Our motto is "Kaizen" continuous improvement!

The Public Health Care Laboratory

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