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Training of Trainers for Supervision & Monitoring of Peripheral Laboratories


Course Objective:

Upgrade skills of senior staff to carry out supervision and monitoring visits to peripheral laboratory more effectively and efficiently.

Improve communication and teaching skills.  Understand team work and acquire team-building skills.

Enhance supervisory skills in the specific subject areas of quality assurance, laboratory management, on-the-job teaching and skill assessment. 

Course Outline:

The training of trainers programme is a 10 days training course.  It is divided into morning and afternoon sessions.  Morning sessions concentrate on theoretical knowledge on specific subjects and afternoon sessions provide in-depth learning through practical exercises and group work. 

The training programme covers all major subject areas that require attention to assess the quality of laboratory work in the field.

Introduction to management terminology and communication skills. 

Team work and supervisory skills.

Quality Assurance Programme and monitoring of QA activities in peripheral laboratories.  

Work organisation and time management.

Skill assessment techniques. (Task analysis and skill check-lists).

On-the-job teaching skills (Use of SOPs and evaluation methods)

Preventive equipment maintenance skills.  (Preventive care and equipment status lists).

Inventory and stock keeping skills.

Bio-safety and waste management skills.

Group discussions and evaluation of the training.


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