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Training on use and preventive maintenance of the microscope 


For a primary health care laboratory unit the microscope is a very important and expensive equipment.  Many test procedures carried out at the laboratory require microscopic examination of specimens.  It is imperative that staff feel confident using the microscope and always have the microscope in good working order.

Course Objective:

Enable the participants to describe the various parts of the microscope and centre the stage of the microscope.

Use the microscope for the examination of specimens

Know how to clean the different parts of the microscope and change the bulb of the microscope

Course Outline:

A one day work-based, individual training session, supported by printed handouts and end of session quiz.

Introduction to the parts of the microscope

Centreing of the microscope stage

Examination of three specimens 

Changing microscope bulb

Cleaning of the microscope

End of session quiz


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