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Association of Public Health Laboratories

2025 M Street, NW, #550

Washington, DC 20036-3320

Tel.:  +202 822 5227

Fax:  +202 887 5098



The Association of Public Health Laboratories is a non-profit association.  APHL promotes membership and works with its members to actively support the interest of public health laboratories. APHL plans, coordinates, and integrates the global expertise of its members to help promote improvement in public health laboratory practice worldwide. 


APHL may provide assitance in the following areas: 

  • Needs Assessment

  • Training Program Development 

  • U.S. Based Laboratory Internships

  • Training Seminars in Host Countries

  • Development of Distance Learning Materials

  • Laboratory Facility Evaluation and Planning

APHL and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) jointly sponsor the National Laboratory Training Network (NLTN), offering for a fee, laboratory training courses, workshops-in-a-box, online seminars and video tapes on various topics.  For more information check-out their websites.

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